National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month
Tiny Purpose sponsors "A Walk to Remember"



1) Please print baby's name EXACTLY as you want it to appear on the memorial signs and as you want it read during the service.

2) Everyone in your party need not register individually--just parent's with total number of walkers.

3) If needing to add additional walkers, please re-register with number representing increase, not new total.

4) Pre-registration allows us to plan and make signs, but we still need everyone to check-in at the registration tables for any last-minute event changes we need to communicate to your group and also for an accurate actual count. Please let everyone in your party know that they need to check-in upon arrival.

5) At the registration/check-in tables, you will find registrations listed by baby's mother's last name.

6) Memorial signs are also printed alphabetically by mother's last name.

7) If choosing to order t-shirts through The Sports Hut,
( please know the deadline is the deadline and it is your responsibility to make arrangements to get any items picked up or mailed to you prior to the event. We do not handle any shirts the day of the event and we do not get involved in delivering any items.

What is “A Walk to Remember”?

October has been named National Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month as a way to remember the 1,000,000 babies who die each year due to pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and early infant death.  In recognition of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, Tiny Purpose will host an annual Walk to Remember to celebrate the babies who were with us too briefly but who changed our lives forever.

We look forward to spending this time with you in celebration of your baby’s life.  Hope to see you there. Email